Thursday, January 29, 2009

But God...

What a phrase to find, "But God..." It simply means that when there seems to be no way out, no answer, no hope, God in all His glory and power and mercy and grace shows up! God is never late, He is never withholding from you, He is always on time, and always ready to bring you into victory.
God has already secured your victory in life. You aren't the loser trying to become the winner! NO, NO, NO! You are the winner who is always triumphant in Christ Jesus who is resisting defeat. There is no "comeback for the devil. He is already defeated, he has already lost, Jesus has already secured the victory.
So walk on in victory. Say, "It's mine, I have it now!" Confess the Word of God with boldness. You have what you say, so say the Word of God over your life. Say, "I am a winner! I am going over and not under! I am victorious in Christ! I walk in health, I walk in wealth, I walk in love, I walk in faith!"
How can you say these things with confidence? Because this is Christ. In Christ there is health, wealth, love, faith, victory,... the list goes on. Where are you? IN CHRIST! So if you are in Christ, then what is in Christ is in you.
Walk in victory today! It has been secured for you. If the devil comes around and says, "yeah, but..." simply say"BUT GOD..."

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